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Motivated, inspired and passionate; George Rowson is a Cinematographer from Devon, England that is now based in Georgia, USA. Telling stories through the art of cinematography is his passion. Life behind the lens is where he belongs, evoking emotion with the audience and enhancing the vision of the director. 
 In George's short time as Cinematographer he has built an increasingly growing portfolio of award winning films and national competition winning pieces. Along side his work as a cinematographer, George enjoys shooting 35mm still photography which he shares with the world on Instagram.
- Coca-Cola Refreshing Films (2020):
1st Place | Ad | Director of Photography
- Cultanica (2020):
Southern Shorts Awards | Best Cinematography
& Best Cinematographer (Current nomination)
- IMDB Independent Shorts awards:
Best Sci-fi Short | Cinematographer
- Project Yellow Light texting and driving PSA:
1st Place Ad | Cinematographer
- BiC 4 Color Pen Commercial:
1st Place Ad | Producer / Creative Director
- DAMN Film Festival NYC | Cinematographer
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